Now having a problem when I hit process its says that it can't find F:swoopware/tandemsvids/instance01/youtube/8a6bagfjghjqghjeablahblahblah

also before it started doing this I was having this problem: shooting with gopro on r3. once uploaded to youtube it looks really slim

Any help out there

great product btw, just purchased a license

Mick Hardy
That's an odd issue but can be fixed pretty easily by selecting the customer from the search tab, clicking Open and then kicking off the YouTube render again. The file to be uploaded to YouTube does not exist which means it's been deleted manually, or the upload has finished and the software deleted it.

Looking slim on YouTube possibly means a different rendering engine could be used. Try rendering a short video and uploading it to YouTube outside TandemVids. Then use the same rendering engine.

The default rendering engines I choose for YouTube do not exist on Vegas 10e so the rendering may be using something completely unsuited to YouTube uploads. If you go to the YouTube rendering tab and press F1 and then scroll to the end of that help file section, it shows a good custom rendering engine to use.
Okay I'll check that out, but do you think I should reinstall the program so it can be permanently fixed?

I'll play with the rendering....I'm hoping some one can recommend decent settings across the board for DVD and YouTube (starting with the template, swoopware and DVD architect)

I apoligise but I'm pretty new at all this non linear stuff....

Mick Hardy
A reinstall wouldn't help as it's something that has ocurred with just that particular customer or upload. Deleting a customer before the upload has finished would cause the same issue. You can fix it for that customer by kicking off the render and uploading again. Other customers should be fine.

Setting up is a bit tricky but once you're up and running, you won't look back. All questions are fine. Ask away.