I've been trying to suss what exactly is going on and I think I can explain what's happening....

Setting the freefall repeat speed to 30% of normal speed (When flicking to another event, then back, it will then have the slider in the 30% space, but say 1.00 of normal speed in the text just above) in the 'Events' tab section.

The problem then comes with the music in Vegas.... it is at the length of the "Freefall" at normal speed.... not at the length of 3 times the normal speed that would be needed as it's playing at 30% of the speed... and so fades out very early.....

I hope you understand the problem.... apart from that, this is a very very VERY useful and great program.

I got round to getting the freeware version today to see if I can set it all up how I film tandems at the moment... and it's SUPER!

I am still hunting round to see if I can find a work around.... but haven't found anything yet 😕
Mick Hardy
Thanks for the feedback and analysis of the problem. I've got my real job today but I'll see if I can take a look tonight. I'll keep you posted. It doesn't sound like a complicated one so it will be fixed quickly if I can duplicate it.

Cheers. Mick.
Mick Hardy
I've just thought of a possible workaround. You can over-ride the end of the repeat freefall music with a named marker. Create a marker at the end of your repeat freefall event and name it with the name copied to the clipboard using tools->sony vegas marker names->repeat freefall music end.

You can edit your template directly by right clicking->advanced->edit or edit the original and import it again, which will maintain your event settings.

It sounds like a simple bug that will be easy to fix.
Mick Hardy
I took a look at my code during lunch and can confirm this is a bug but it will be easy to fix by moving one line of code.

I note the end point of the event before adding the velocity envelope instead of after. Simple mistake.

I have the weekend free so it will be fixed by Monday. In the interim, you can use the named markers to set the music end points as desired.

When a repeat freefall event appears directly after the freefall and there is no other repeat freefall event and no repeat freefall music has been set, the freefall music is extended to include the repeat freefall event. If this is your case, you'll need to set the freefall music end marker.

Hope all that helps. Thanks for finding the bug.


Yes playing around I did find the work around through using the Named Markers 😁 so for now it's working fine. Glad it's an easy bug to fix though!

Again, well done on making a fantastic product.

Many thanks, I look forward to trying the fix.