Hi Mick,

we had something pop up on the weekend. I've found a work around and we are back to normal but was curious as to what it might be.

A snippet of the initial music was cross fading in at the end of freefall mark (canopy opening) then another snippet at the end of the freefall event .

I have fixed the problem by manualy setting the initial music end point in our vegas template.

any ideas on what might have casued this?
Mick Hardy
If you open one of the completed projects in Vegas, you will probably find the initial music actually goes all the way to the end of freefall. The freefall music has been placed on top of the initial music. If you delete the freefall music, you'll see the initial music beneath it.

What version are you running? I'm pretty sure I fixed this.

EDIT: The bug that was fixed a few versions ago was the canopy music starting at the end of freefall so a similar crossfade effect was heard during opeing but with the start of the canopy music.
Mick Hardy
I'm guessing you installed the latest version and your templates have a marker for the start of the initial music.

The behaviour has changed slightly. I juggled with this decision and didn't think it would affect too many people. I was wrong. With this release, the code inserts music based on markers first. If any of the music was inserted using markers, the automated music insertion is skipped. In your case, the initial music was inserted but there was no end marker so it played right through until either the next marker or the end of the project. Then the automatic rules inserted the freefall and canopy music on top of the intitial music.

I'll revert my decision so music is only inserted based on markers when both the inital and end markers exist. This will allow your original templates to work and will also allow the Swedish templates to work. They use the repeat freefall music for the plane ride, which is why I changed the code to allow better flexibility for music markers.

Thanks for alerting me to the issue.

Mick Hardy
This issue has been addressed. Your original templates should work as before.

There is a slight change to the new rules for inserting music. To completely override the automatic rules for inserting music, both the start and end markers must be used. If you omit the start marker, the end marker will be determined using the automated rules and vice versa.

The new version is available from 

Mick Hardy wrote:

I'm guessing you installed the latest version and your templates have a marker for the start of the initial music.


Our initial start music marker is on the second event. Previousloy we had no end marker.

All makes sense, thanks for fixing it.