Awesome program.....

So I have been playing with the Trial version for about a week now.
I have already had a basic script down for a couple years that I use so I was trying to get everything to function escentially the same as my current script.
Where I run into problems is I like to play the freefall full speed no modifcations the first time through and make my tweaks (repeat and reverse the exit and slow down) the repeat freefall.
Unfortunatly it doesn't seem like there is any easy way to do this. If I swap the clips and run the repeat freefall first I miss out on the inplane footage and the canopy stuff which I want with the first freefall.

So really all I am looking for is the EXIT tab be added to the repeat freefall section.
Thanks for such an awesome product.
I will be purchasing this as soon as I can get a template created that works for my workflow and videographers.
Mick Hardy
You're the second person to require this feature and it is on my list but there is currently no easy way to do it.

You could have a play with duplicating the freefall media and then trimming it but the music will not behave. If you send me a link to a video created using your current workflow, I can keep it in mind as I'm working on the next version.

It would be a complicated change to include the exit tab on the repeat freefall event but not impossible.