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Hi Mick,

Hope your keeping well down under...
I took the special offer of upgrading from Vegas Pro 13 to Vegas edit 18 with free 19 when its out.
I see there is still one outstanding issue with Vegas 18 running RunRunvids. Will this affect functionality ?
I've also seen there may be a work around to the locked file issue.

When do you expect Vegas 19 to be released, as you say this is fully compatible ?

I've not installed it yet, as don't want to be shot in the foot, as I have a working system, Vegas Pro 13
Are there now some issues with you tube uploading, and how does that integrate with media crypt at all ?
Also running media crypt.

About to start up after Covid and dusting off all the editing gear.

A summary would be good of the current status, and future development, as there hasn't been a new version for a while.
I'm guessing there are still lots of users out there, like me who still prefer your system which is fully flexible and produces better results than some automatic solutions.

Let me know.