Mick Hardy
Every now and then you have a win. From my initial preliminary tests, it would appear Sony have been really nice to me.

"270 Flash Vids" now supports Sony Vegas 10 released on Tuesday 12th October.

That is cool! The current version worked fine without changing anything. I did have to browse to the new locations of the Sony programs because the default installation folder has changed but everything else worked perfectly. I'll fix this minor inconvenience in the next release.

There is an issue when burning the actual DVD because the name of the new DVD Architect 5.2 Window has changed so 270 Flash Vids can't locate it and therefore cannot send it any key strokes to kick off the burn. I'll look into this as soon as possible. In the mean time, the DVD Architect project opens fine but you'll have to kick off the burn process manually.

If you're thinking of installing the new versions of Sony Vegas 10, it should be sweet but hold off on DVD Architect 5.2 for a few weeks.

Thanks Sony. You guys rock! 😁