Throughout the day today (June 12, 2016) Vegas Pro has been freezing up and giving us problems while we are in the process of editing the videos we load up. It has crashed over five times and when I send feedback it will come back with a box with this link that says it will explain more on the issue. It's to update Vegas Pro I believe, but the post was made around this time last year and I was certain our program was already 100% up to date. I'd love to hear back, the link below is what I will get after sending a problem report. I just want to make sure it will be safe to do the update and if that will fix it all. If not, then find out if there's other reasons for why the program isn't working correctly. Thanks!

Mick Hardy
It can never hurt to install the latest update to Sony Vegas. The current release is Version 13.0 (Build 453) 64-bit. In Vegas, you can find this information under Help | About Vegas Pro.

However, I doubt this will fix your issues. Most of the time when I investigate Vegas crashes on customer computers, they are usually caused by outdated video drivers or even selecting the wrong video card under GPU Acceleration within Vegas. Many times, this is due to updating to Windows 10 but not installing the latest drivers for the new operating system.

I had one customer swear they hadn't changed anything but when I jumped on their computer, they'd updated to Windows 10. "Oh, that change, yeah I forgot I'd changed the entire computer."

Try turning GPU Acceleration off. If this helps, update your video drivers.

Close TandemVids
Open Vegas on it's own
Options | Preferences | Video
Under GPU Acceleration of video processing, select Off.

Okay I was able to check and it looks like it does need that update! I'm on 13 (build 373) 64-bit. I should be able to update it after this work day and hope that there are no more problems! There is only one other thing now that just became an issue when I was working in the program yesterday (I only had one crash but it didn't disturb any of my work!). So I am 100% certain I didn't change anything for how things with Youtube are set up, but for some reason with the two videos for our customers that we put up for them, the emails letting them know their video was up got sent to our company email rather than our customers. I put their email so I'm not sure what happened, or where to look to fix the problem. We can forward the emails to their proper owners, however it is slightly inconvenient and we'd like to get it restored to how it originally was. Any idea on how?

thank you for all your help,

Skydive NF
Mick Hardy
The YouTube email issue is odd. I haven't heard of that happening before. The email should be sent to the address entered on the Burn tab. You can check this on the Search tab for the customer. You need to add the email column, which is hidden by default. You can also manually generate the YouTube email from the Search tab. You don't need to send it again. Just generate the email and make sure it's addressed correctly.
Yes, that's why we're so confused. The emails were all being sent correctly before, and each time I would put the correct email. With hope this weekend I will be able to fix it back again, thanks for telling me how and for ally of your help!

Skydive NF