I am getting cypres fires for two different reasons. The first one is right when I open tandemvids. However if I just click ok it still lets me use the program. The second cypres fire comes when I try to upload a video to youtube. When youtube uploader opens it says "setting meta data in the youtube file has failed." I have attached screen grabs of the error report from the event viewer for both issues.
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I believe I fixed the youtube uploading problem by choosing a different rendering template. However I am still getting the cypres fire upon every startup. Since it lets me click ok and keep using the program it doesn't seem to be that big of an issue but would still be nice to know what the root cause is and fix it.
Mick Hardy
Both of these issues are related. It's having trouble loading the available Sony Vegas templates on one of the TandemVids rendering tabs.

On the USB, YouTube, DVD and Blu-ray tabs, note the currently displayed template and then click the default button next to the rendering engines and restart TandemVids. This should fix the error on every start. Now reset the rendering engines to the ones you previously had selected. I'm guessing one of them, maybe a customised one is no longer available.

The YouTube error is slightly different but probably related. It can't find the file to set the meta data so the erroneous rendering engine specified earlier probably failed to produce a valid file ready for upload. Delete the uploads from the YouTube upload application and render them again from TandemVids. You can right click multiple customers on the Search tab in TandemVids and select queue for upload. On the Queue tab, process the queued uploads. This will render and upload the videos.

How you wound up in this situation is a concern. Did you recently change your version of Sony Vegas or move TandemVids to a new computer?

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Thanks! I won't be around the computer that had this problem again until Wednesday but will give this a try. This is on a friends computer than I recommended try Tandemvids. The startup issue has been there since she installed it but since she could just click it and still use it she ignored it. Trying to help her get all the bugs worked out so she can see what all it can really do.
Mick Hardy
If it's been there since the start, maybe the default templates TandemVids selects are missing from Vegas. Try setting them to something that does exist from the list labelled "Video renderer". TandemVids asks Vegas for the list of templates available from the selected video renderer. This is where the error is occurring. Vegas is saying it doesn't have a video renderer by that name.

If the default templates are missing, the error should also occur when you click the default button. If this is the case, it might be worth trying a reinstall of Vegas.

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