During the burning process the software is reaching 66% and stopping there, with no error, and the time elapsed continues to count.

Any ideas how we could resolve this please?


Here at SkyDIve the Beach .. .we have this issue all the time. We have to re-start the burn & if lucky it will get past the 66% problem... Sure hope this is taken care of shortly.
Any idea when an update the update is due ?
Mick Hardy
I can't control DVD Architect. If it stops at 66%, it has nothing to do with TandemVids. No future release of TandemVids will change this. You can try the Sony forums or Sony support.

My guess is cheap or defective DVD media or incompatible DVD Drives. When it was originally happening for you "mickman", we could see physical defects in the discs.

I recommend Verbatim 16x DVD-R.

Try updating the firmware on your DVD drive.

Try slowing the burn down by decreasing the burn speed on the TandemVids DVD Tab. If you look at the screenshots below, my burn speed is picked up as 24x but my media is only 16x, so I need to decrease the speed by a factor of 4, which basically selects the fourth option above the 24x in the dropdown list. In my case, the fourth option is 16x.

This is a pain but I'm afraid I can't do anything about it. It's a DVDA issue.


There are many reports across the internet of the same problem. See if any of these help you guys out. 
Mick Hardy attached the following image(s):
Mick Hardy
Another thing to try is the option to Use Legacy Drivers. In DVDA, select Options -> Preferences and then the burning tab.
Mick Hardy attached the following image(s):
I found that by replacing the DvD Architect Template with an original copy I have saved solved the problem.

Before saving it I also turned off read/write file properties & created another blackbox.. then simply re-set read-write file properties again..

Now all is sweet 🙂
it seems the 66% Error is getting worse 😞

We have a few machines spitting this error at least 30% of the time.. seems to be no way of fixing it

Mick Hardy
Have you tired any of my four suggestions mickman?

1. Change media
2. Decrease burn speed
3. Update firmware for DVD drives
4. Buy different DVD burners

Update the DVD drive's firmware first because it should be simple. Decrease the burn time by a factor of 2 on the DVD tab in TandemVids. Go to Officeworks and buy a 50 pack spindle of Verbatim 16x DVD-R Printable Discs. Burn all of them. With four machines running multiple instances, this will take an hour or so.

Report back after doing that.

The media you guys had was poor quality. You could see physical defects in the discs that failed.

If it's an intermittent thing, I doubt any changes to the configuration will help.

OK.. I have Decreased Burner speed by 2.

& yup these discs suck.. I've run int oso many flawed discs. It seems a batch will have min. 5 bad discs...
The strange thing is we mostly get the "66% Error" during the lead in process... before burning sometimes its not 66 it could be 56% but mostly during lead in.

A write error occurred .. this might be dirty or corupt.

-'ASUS DRW-24B5ST 1.00'-(0)
Module c:\src\sonic3\main\cddrvs\sfcd\sfmmcx.cpp Line 489
An illegal request was received.
No more track reservation allowed.

note: we just had two hours of madness.. & now all machines have settled again.. burning nicely. WTF ! like a ghost in the machine

remedy: I moved files from chips onto the desktop.. this seemed to be a fix.. or is it.... as its so hard to track down the issue.
sometimes simply re-starting the machine seems to fix things.. but not always.
changing discs also seems to work sometimes

Can't wait to go USB
Mick Hardy
I can almost guarantee it will be bad media or old firmware. Lead in stage is burning the inside area of the disc, which is an area more likely to be damaged on cheap media.

Download Opti Drive Control  from the link below and run some tests. It has a 30 day trial. Just because your DVD's finish burning, doesn't mean they're good burns. Run some tests across burnt media to see just how good your DVD's are and try some better media and run the same tests. Also let us know which manufacturer makes your current DVD's. Opti Drive Control will determine the best speed to be burning your discs at. 
Opti Drive Control Manual 

O.k I'll D.L OptiDrive & run a few tests this morning.

Oh Yeah... bad media real bad Phuck I hate dvD...

regarding Bad media... Yup we suffer big time from shit quality dvd media... I've found if I change DvD boxes (100 per box) all returns to normal. Well mostly normal.
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