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Hey Mick

Just got home to do last weeks videos and im getting warnings in the progress tab.

The warnings says - Freefal start music point was not added- too close to start
- freefall end music point was not added- too close to end

After Dvd watching Dvd the canopy music starts playing half way through the free fall repeat.

Have you seen this before?


Mick Hardy

The canopy music starting half way through the repeat freefall is caused by the bug discussed in this thread  and although I've fixed and tested it here, I don't think I'm going to release a new version today. You can over-ride this issue by setting a named marker.

I will release a new version this weekend, certainly by COB Monday.

The start and end point warnings indicate you haven't set the start and end of freefall. If you set those to the very beginning and to the very end of the freefall video, you'll receive these warnings. The start and end of freefall should be set to exit and deployment. I do have a task scheduled to handle this a bit better but it won't make this release. It first came to light when a handcam shutdown in freefall and we set the end of freefall to the end of the video and the sound was messed up. That's why I added the warnings. If you move those points in a couple of seconds either end, it will fix it.

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Ive always set the start and deployment of freefall and i still get the warnings.

its no big deal and can wait till the new version is out.

Thanks for your help

I am having the same issue now "Warning. Freefall end and music point not added. - too close to event end"

Havent seen this problem before. Is this potentially a template issue?

Mick Hardy
This means the deployment position is less than two seconds from the end of the freefall event. It also occurs if the freefall start is less than two seconds from the start of the freefall event.

This isn't a template issue. It means the start and end of freefall have been set incorrectly for this customer.

The music fades require two seconds. I don't have enough room to insert them.