Mick Hardy
I've released a new version with some new features and a number of bug fixes.

Download from the latest version download page .

Install straight over the top of the old one. All your settings, templates and music will be maintained.

New Features

• SLR photos direct from camera or card reader is supported
• Processed date now includes the time on the Search tab
• Prompt to build another USB copy is suppressed if the build was queued
• Progress form with cancel option for file copy procedures such as moving the local project folder location
• Warnings added to the progress if a source media file is less than two seconds long
• Warnings added to the progress if a music track is too short causing the music to loop
• You can change the format of the skydive date when added to the video
• The skydive date is now set to the last processed skydive date making it easier to process multiple videos from the same day
• Music markers can be used to over ride the start and end times for music tracks
• Music is inserted using a better set of rules - freefall music is extended to include the repeat freefall in certain situations
• Computer can be shutdown automatically after the uploads have completed

Bug fixes

• Progress tab includes the hours for total time
• Prompt to close DVD Architect and/or Sony Vegas continues with the video processing instead of dropping back to main form
• Browsing and selecting a new DVD Architect template selects the newly added item and stops you from adding duplicates
• Added *.sfl to the list of non media file types when refreshing the source media
• Queuing a huge number of items correctly adjusts the vertical scrollbar
• USB, DVD and Blu-ray items are removed from the queue after processing
• Deleting a customer while their video is being uploaded is no longer permitted
• Audio has been fixed for straight cuts
• Option to mute source audio after opening has been fixed
• Customer is not saved after every build when using test mode
• Tab security no longer causes a start-up error when YouTube and Queue tabs are hidden
• Database import has been fixed
• If an error cannot be logged to the central database, it doesn't generate an alert
• Customers can still be deleted if their archives cannot be found
• Local archive is deleted when a customer is deleted
• Purge local archives works correctly now
• Trimmed times are no longer reversed when stored in the database
• Text scales correctly when the DPI of Windows is changed
• The download works in Firefox
• Music is positioned correctly for repeat freefall events
• If YouTube credentials are modified, the new credentials are used for uploading
• Queue and search data can be sorted on the true/false fields
• Photos are skipped when using test mode
• Labels are displayed correctly on the trim form if the video has already been trimmed
• Archiving many customers can now be cancelled
• Form remained locked and unusable after a failed render