Hey mick,
When the video renders, it renders at normal speeds, but when it goes to architech, it takes like 20 mins to burn the dvd, is this normal? Seems like it is rendering it twice, once on vegas and then architech, then burning. Do i have a setting wrong, this is only SD widescreen video also.
Mick Hardy
Yep, that's odd. Doesn't make sense. Our DVDs burn in four minutes on the Notebook on the beach and two minutes at home and include an AFF promo and a tandem promo and animated menus. There must be something amiss.

My software doesn't have any control over DVD Architect. I just send key strokes to kick off the burn.

Are your DVD rendering settings correct?

The default ones are MainConcept MPEG-2, DVDArchitect PAL Widescreen video stream
Dolby Digital AC-3 Studio, Stereo DVD

You need to change this to NTSC. A forced conversion from PAL to NTSC by DVD Architect would take ages.