Hi Mick

Will existing TandemVids license holders be able to install and use RunRunVids using the same license?

If yes:
What about the settings when uninstalling TandemVids and installing RunRunVids? Will the settings be taken over from Windows registry?

Thanks & Cheers
Mick Hardy
Hi Peter,

The same key will work with both TandemVids and RunRunVids but a current subscription is required for RunRunVids 2019.

Perpetual licenses purchased for TandemVids 2016 and earlier will continue to work with TandemVids 2018 including any future updates.

Both applications run side by side. When you install RunRunVids, it creates a copy of the TandemVids settings and database. You can continue to use both applications independently but new customers will not be shared.

The delay in release is due to Google. They've severely limited our upload quota for YouTube due to the name change. We may not win the ongoing battle.

Apologies for the delay in reply. I forgot to configure notifications for this new forum.

Cheers. Mick.