• Mally
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Hi Mick,
As described, repeat free fall events (I use a slo mo, immediately followed by a full speed to end my edit) will finish at the free fall end marker.
This is as set, when the bag lifts off, and as a result it gives the impression during the playback that the video has terminated early.
Especially if an end title follows immediately, as the free fall and end title are cross faded, it can give the impression that the video has been cut short, before the free fall has ended.

I havn't noticed this in previous versions.
Perhaps it's a change following an update ?

I'm pretty sure that repeat free fall events continued for a couple seconds after the 'end free fall marker'
This then allows time for the full deployment sequence to be included in the repeat free fall.

Hope this is clear ?!

Mick Hardy
Hi Mally,

This is how it's always worked. From the help file;

The freefall event is used as the source media for repeat freefall events and everything between the exit point and the deployment will be inserted into this event.

If you set the end of freefall a little later during your deployment, it should achieve what you're chasing. You won't miss the customer's reaction in the normal freefall event.

I've added a feature request for an option to extend the repeat freefall by x seconds before the start and y seconds after.