Mick Hardy
TandemVids 2018.0.12.0 has been released. This version is not backwards compatible with 2016 and older versions. You should create a backup  in case you need to roll back to a previous version.

Vegas 8 through 16 are supported along with DVD Architecture 5, 6 and 7.

This release fixes many of the errors logged so far by users around the world. Thanks for your patience. We'll keep monitoring the error log.

Every release of TandemVids can be installed directly over the top of existing installations. Your settings and customers will remain intact.

Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported as they have reached end of life with Microsoft.

Download from the latest version download page .

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New features

  • Vegas Professional 16 Support.
  • License keys are now installed and activated for all users. User elevation is required.
  • Valid license keys that haven't been activated can now be replaced or removed.
  • A warning is shown during the grace period when a subscription has expired without renewal.
  • Ability to limit concurrent renders when kicking off multiple instances. Each render will wait for an available slot.
  • The dialogs used for selecting locations in media have been completely replaced. There should be no need to install third party codecs like the Lav filters.
  • The play media and music options have been built into TandemVids and start much faster than using the default external applications.

Bug Fixes

  • When the option to minimise TandemVids is selected, messages may steal the focus from other applications.
  • Multiple instances use their own window sizes and positions.
  • The progress tab was being refreshed too often and became annoying when busy running multiple instances.
  • Only the first YouTube email was generated.
  • Default order on the search tab set to processing date descending.
  • Creating sub clips using the Vegas trimmer caused an error when the template was imported into TandemVids.
  • Blank left videos when setting freefall times, slow motion or trimming.
  • The new GPU enabled rendering engine "Magix AVC/AAC MP4" with an NVENC enabled template fails when using more than two instances.
  • When running multiple instances using the same template, Vegas would intermittently fail to locate template media.
  • When updating an existing template, included media was not updated if it already existed.
  • Photos were missing when import photos and capture photos were used at the same time.