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Hi Mick,
I'm using Thunderbird as the email client. Set to default email client in Windows 10.
It had previously been functioning correctly.

Recently, the youtube uploader will now only generate the first, of a number of notification emails.
Previously, It would generate an email for each video uploaded.
I would then click send on each draft email that had been produced, as per the normal intention.

I am working around this by now going to que, and clicking email, for each customer, after the videos have been uploaded, but is less convenient.

Have you come across this before ?

Aside, Will any email client or plugin also 'Send' automatically yet ?

Mick Hardy
Hi Mally,

Apologies for the delays. I've been at a skydiving event and coincidently emails from the forum are not working either.

I can confirm this is an issue with the current version of TandemVids. Only the first email in the upload queue is generated.

A different workaround is to restart TandemVids to refresh the customer's YouTube status. You can then multi select the customers from the search tab and click the Email button.

There is currently no client that will send the emails automatically. A long overdue feature request is to switch to an SMTP server to give more control over generated emails including HTML formatting and automatic sending. This has not been implemented at this stage.

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Thanks Mick,

All Understood.

Mick Hardy
This has been fixed in TandemVids 2018.0.12.0.