Mick Hardy
These are the current known issues with TandemVids 2018.0.10.0.

Feel free to start new topics or post replies with issues you find and we'll add them to this list if we can replicate them.

1. When the option to minimise TandemVids is selected, messages may steal the focus from other applications.

2. Failed to add envelope point (point may already exist at that location).

3. Out of memory errors. Fixed: V2018.0.11.0

4. YouTube application errors, negative retry timeouts and lost authorisation tokens. Fixed: V2018.0.11.0

5. YouTube application error, "The tasks argument contains no tasks." Fixed: V2018.0.11.0

6. Cancelling a render by closing the render progress window does the opposite of the confirmation prompt. Fixed: V2018.0.11.0

7. Cancelling a render using the window close button may cause Vegas to freeze, which locks the file and keeps TandemVids locked. Fixed: V2018.0.11.0

8. The inserted and modified columns on the archive tab should be hidden. Fixed: V2018.0.11.0

9. When 32 bit Vegas and 32 bit TandemVids is installed on a 64 bit operating system, automatic updates will install the 64 bit version of TandemVids. Fixed: V2018.0.11.0