Mick Hardy
These are the current known issues with TandemVids 2018.0.8.0.

Feel free to start new topics or post replies with issues you find and we'll add them to this list if we can replicate them.

1. Vegas throws an error on exit every now and then. Fixed: V2018.0.9.0

2. When the option to minimise TandemVids is selected, messages may steal the focus from other applications.

3. Failed to add envelope point (point may already exist at that location).

4. YouTube application retry timeout error - This type of CollectionView does not support changes to its SourceCollection from a thread different from the Dispatcher thread. Fixed: V2018.0.9.0

5. We were unable to log the error. Fixed: V2018.0.9.0

6. If TandemVids or Vegas are blocked from accessing the Internet using a software firewall, Vegas might crash. Fixed: V2018.0.9.0

7. The YouTube application overwrites the error message returned by Google with the retrying in xx seconds message. Fixed: V2018.0.9.0