Hey Mick - Long time no talk-to. That's becuz the program has been running here for us seamlessly now, for YEARS!!

Had to recently do a re-install of windows in its entirety on our machine. Backed everything up all per instructions & re-installed it seemed anyway, almost seamlessly as well! Did 1st test run... PERFECT!! No issues. Un-Checked the "test" box thinking ready to go, but then...


What's going on??? ...??? HELP!!!

BTW... Folder and all sub-items in it, I've gone in and even manually assured their properties & security settings properties ARE "Full Control"... ALL users. That's what now makes this so perplexing!

Can you help?

Again - TIA!!
Mick Hardy
Hi Scrumpot,

That's a DVD Architect error. Does the V drive exist? It's trying to prepare the DVD in that location but can't.

Reset the prepare folder manually.
  1. In TandemVids, generate the black video from the Test tab.
  2. In File Explorer, remove the "deny write" permissions for your DVD Architect template.
  3. Open the template in DVD Architect.
  4. Reset the timeline by dragging the little yellow triangles to the end of the black place holder video.
  5. Now click Make DVD but then select Prepare.
  6. Choose a suitable folder and finish the prepare process.
  7. Save your template and close DVD Architect.
  8. In File Explorer, set the "deny write" permissions for your DVD Architect template.

That should sort it out.

I'm going to move this to the Support Forum.

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