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Hi Mick,

I'm new to swoopware and have successfully made a template with 15 scenes plus two added freefall repeats at the end, making 17 events in total.
Event list is populated, with correct video files, but upon rendering, it is swapping events 14 and 15 over.

I have searched your FAQ's but can't find a solution.

I have tried swapping blank events in the blank Vegas template, in case this is a place marker issue, but has not made a difference.

I can fudge around it by moving up the event one place in the event list, but then that appears to be out of sequence descriptively, but burns correctly.

Do you have any suggestions?


GOPRO4647.mp4 Tandem in sky
GOPRO4648.mp4 Tandem landing

Will burn out of sequence.

GOPRO4648.mp4 Tandem in sky
GOPRO4647.mp4 Tandem landing

will burn correctly
Mick Hardy
I've seen this once before and it took a lot of back and forth before I worked out what was going on. It wasn't until I stepped through my code line by line using his template that the penny dropped.

In his case, he had a zero length empty event sandwiched between two normal empty events. The event was invisible to us but not to TandemVids. The normal empty event, which started at the same place as the invisible event was populated first and it's length was adjusted accordingly. The zero length event was not moved to accommodate the new length of the recently populated event because it's end point didn't fall after the start point of the normal empty event. The zero length event was then populated with the next clip but it was still located before the previously populated event. It's length was adjusted to accommodate the media and was now visible but positioned before the previously populated clip. The order of the two videos was effectively reversed due to the order of population.

Not sure if this is your scenario but it's worth checking. Right click the template and select Advanced | Edit stored template. Count the number of visible empty events in the template and ensure it matches the actual count on the event tab.