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I've decided to release the Go Low BASE Log as is without support or help documentation. Consider it a beta release. You're on your own.

I use it to log my jumps and its relatively stable. A lot of work went into this back in 2011 but due to lack of interest, I decided to scrap the project.

I finally worked my way around to finishing off the software to a point ready for initial release.

Please be aware technology has changed significantly in the six years this sat on the bench. It really should be cloud based with phone access for logging on the run with the finer log details like photos and videos allowed by this software to be completed at home after the adventure but it is what it is. I'll fix minor issues that arise but I'm not about to change the architecture any time soon.

Go Low BASE Log x64 
Go Low BASE Log x86 

Keep me posted if you find this software useful.

Cheers. Mick.