Mick Hardy
I'm doing my best to find time and Mossy is helping out as much as he can by finding other tandem instructors to free my weekends. I'm guessing it will be ready for early to mid July.

The Beta version is currently being tested on every tandem we do at Skydive Townsville. The results are being uploaded to YouTube after each weekend of jumping.
Mick Hardy
Still looking pretty good. I've finished all the coding and fixed all the known bugs. I'm just doing all the annoying stuff now like;tooltips, tab orders, shortcut keys, license agreement text etc. I'll get a skeleton help file in place but I'll write the body while you early adopters are using it.

I've still got a bit of testing to do on various vanilla Windows platforms but I'm seriously close to my first public release. Stay tuned.

It was worth delaying to add the slow/fast motion functionality and the 64 bit support. You can also fire up multiple instances running completely independently and target separate card readers and burners and even different YouTube accounts. Set your speed and duration and you have slow motion exits on every video. You can repeat the exit and even run it in reverse with cross-fades if you don't reverse. It's all working really cool.

Thanks again for your patience. Jumping flags into the V8's and the after party slowed me down a little but you get that...
Mick Hardy
I had to switch forums but it was worth it. It won't happen again. 😎 These posts were the only ones from the old forum so it was easier to scrap the old database and start afresh. Apologies to my existing user - Mossy - you've been deleted!

I'm planning to take next week off work and put all the remaining pieces of the puzzle in place. The little things are never ending but the code is complete again. I have zero known bugs. I've added the option to submit errors to a central database so I'll be able to mop up any remaining bugs pretty quickly if you help me out and send them in.

I've tested on all versions of Vegas 9 including the trial versions. I have a few more test installations to run but don't envisage any complications. All in all, I expect the first release next week.

You will be able to download and use 270 Flash Vids by COB Friday 23rd July.

Thanks again for your patience. I truly hope my software eases your workload. It's been a long road.
Mick Hardy
It's COB Friday afternoon and the product is complete. There are zero known bugs. Everything is solid but I can't quite release it. Please accept my apologies but I have some minor administration and website issues to sort out before public release.

I'm throwing drogues tomorrow but I have Sunday free so, if all goes well, Monday or Tuesday.

It's been a big week. Thanks again for your patience.

Mick Hardy
My first public release is now available for download. Thanks for your support. 😎