Mick Hardy
I've released a new version with some minor changes and a few bug fixes. I've gotta go jump a flag onto an island in like five minutes but I'll post a list of changes when I get back.

Install straight over the top of the old one. All your settings, templates and music will be maintained.

New features

• Ability to clear registration information - allows registration information to be transferred to a different computer.
• Importing templates will prompt to update an existing template if the names are the same - allows event names and details to be persisted when making changes to the template
• Reset buttons on the Freefall confirmation and trim dialogs - adjusts the video locations back to the position they were in when the form was originally opened.
• Option to set the guestimate times for start and end of freefall - if the freefall times are set manually or the analysing routine fails to calculate them, the times used to guess the start and end of freefall can now be set.
• Advanced template edit menu item - allows existing templates to be modified without requiring another import.
• Option to skip local project archiving when archive locations are defined
• Option to start the music at the beginning of the project rather than the start of the second event.
• Added Ctrl+A for select all in the source media list
• Added keyboard activated Delete key to the the source media list

Bug fixes

• Main form is now disabled during customer imports.
• YouTube title and description should default to append the customer's name.
• Customer Start Over should not change the YouTube music to "No Audio" when the original customer had no music selected.
• The initial YouTube music was using the standard initial music track when no freefall event was defined.
• Registered users were still limited to three music tracks.
• Pressing the cancel button while a video was playing on any of the video preview dialogs caused a recurring error message every tenth of a second because the timer was still trying to update the video postion even though the form was closed. Ctrl + Alt + Delete kill was the only option here.
• Randomise music option generated an error for every empty music list.
• YouTube email link was slightly incorrect although it did still work.
• Ability to skip separate audio render for DVD and Blu-ray were missing.
• Ctrl+tab in the events or YouTube sub-tabs would jump to the next tab on the main form rather than cycle through the sub-tabs.
• Incorrect "successfully-queued" item in the progress log if an item was queued but test mode was on.
• Changing the export photo status for an event didn't trigger a save for that event.