• MarkE
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Good Day

My render times seemed to have gone up comsiderably since last season. The only thing that I noticed is that the program seems to be archiving everything and was wondering how to turn off this archiving as I think it is the problem with the slowing down of the rendering.

Mick Hardy
Hi Mark,

Archive times will not affect render times as archiving has been completed before rendering starts. Archiving may take longer than normal if you've done some of the common things that cause rendering to take longer. Archiving cannot be turned off although this is on the feature request list.

The most likely scenario is that you've set your GoPro differently. Ensure Protune is turned off and also ensure you haven't selected double frame rate.

For NTSC, you should have 1080 @ 30 fps. If you select 1080 @ 60 fps it will double render times and double archive times.
For PAL, you should have 1080 @ 25 fps. If you select 1080 @ 50 fps it will double render times and double archive times.

You also need to ensure your Vegas template matches your camera settings.

Another thing that may affect rendering times, is the selected rendering template. The following forum post suggests suitable rendering templates to use for USB and YouTube. For DVD and Blu-ray, the default templates are fine.