I just downloaded the new version of swoopware and now the process stops once dvd architect opens up and gets to the Make DVD screen. I attached a screen shot of where it stops. I don't have anything else open in front of this program and it still just stops here. I can finish it manually but it does not move through the options and press burn, next, next and finish automatically. I didn't change anything except to install the newest version. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a fix or something I can do, and if not can it get the previous version of swoopware back?
lguard8 attached the following image(s):
Mick Hardy
You can roll back to a previous version by uninstalling TandemVids using add remove programs in Windows. All your templates, customers and settings will be fine. Then install the version you require.

The previous version can be downloaded directly from here .

It is possible the fix for the freezes in Windows 10 has broken the key sending routine for DVD Architect.

I'll look into it as soon as possible.
Mick Hardy
I've confirmed this is an issue with V2015.0.3.0. I've withdrawn the release. It can no longer be downloaded. Install the previous version.

Please accept my apologies for allowing this bug to slip into production.