I found different information about the prerequisites on the website and just wanted to make sure which is the correct one.

In the 'Buy' section  there's a statement that Sony Vegas 9c Pro is required.
In the 'Help' section  it says that Sony Vegas 8, 9 and 10 as well as DVD Architect 5 is required.

I bought a version of Sony Vegas 8 Pro Full Version Standard including DVD Architect 4.5 on Ebay - will this work with TandemVids? Or do I have to upgrade/buy DVD Architect 5?

Thanks for your help.

Mick Hardy
TandemVids works with Vegas 8.0 and DVD Architect 4.5 but hasn't been fully tested. I have at least one customer using Vegas 8 and don't know of any issues.

It should work but if there are any issues, I can't promise I'll rectify them as the number of users is too small. I don't own Vegas 8 and need to reference an expired trial edition when I build TandemVids. This means the references work for Vegas 8 or higher but I can't test Vegas 8 properly without buying a license and that's not possible through the correct Sony channels.

You can download the freeware version of TandemVids and fully test your scenario using Vegas 8 before committing to a license.
Hi Mick

Ok, thanks for the quick answer.

I'll test TandemVids with this version and give you feedback afterwards.