I think a handy feature to help streamline a few occasions would be the ability to split a clip into two or more after importing the media but prior to beginning the render, alongside options like clip trimming.

An example of the use:

Videographer shoots to a 10 shot template. For some reason a specific clip was either not shot or was corrupted, something like that. Depending on the placement of the missing clip, it can throw off the whole template, without necessarily making it fit to a different template. I could then tell one clip to split, causing it to place a portion of the clip in two adjacent event slots, removing any preset video fades. Basically turning one clip into two seamless clips.

As it stands right now I have to duplicate a clip to make the template work, then once Vegas opens, remove the duped clip and adjust the remaining clips and audio.

Hmmm, as I'm typing this, I wonder if I might not be able to do something similar by duping a clip then adjusting the trim on the duped clip before the Vegas edit opens up. Unfortunately I don't have access to TandemVids for several days right now to test.

Is this doable or is there already a feature that exists that might do something similar?

Mick Hardy
This has been on the feature request list for a long time now. I actually have a hidden menu item but I ran into some significant hurdles and decided it had to wait for the new version as it also requires a database change.

As you pointed out, one way to manage this situation is to duplicate a clip, right trim the first clip and left trim the second clip. It's a pain but it works and is easier than fixing it in Vegas.

Another solution is to have a handy folder of generic filler shots and drag and drop one of these clips into the source media area and shuffle it into the correct slot. It's easier if you have them named accordingly, such as "Boarding.mp4", "Take off.mp4", "Scenic before half way.mp4", "Under canopy.mp4" etc.

The road map  for the next version has this one listed. I'm working on a few minor issues with the current version and then I'll be back working on the new version.

Thanks for your suggestion.