We offer our videos on DVD or USB. I've been rendering the USB video as Sony AVC/MVC - AVCHD 1440x 1080-50i If I have this pointed straight to the USB TandemVids/Vegas crashes.

I have been working around this by pointing this render to a folder on the desktop.
Once rendered I then copy to the USB stick. Which all works ok when I'm on the editing computer.

Is there a better rendering setting to allow it to go straight onto the USB stick?

Most of the other tandem masters forget to copy it across to the USB and
also it's adding more man hours to each load.

Throbba attached the following image(s):
Mick Hardy
That should be a good rendering engine to use so I'm not sure why it's crashing. I'll have to do some testing but I render to the working folder and then do a simple file copy so it shouldn't matter where you point the USB folder.

Does it crash at the start, midway or at the end of the rendering process?
Start to midway. It doesn't seem to be the same point each time.