Mick Hardy
I worked on a remote computer recently where the YouTube uploads wouldn't start. The error message was "Response status code does not indicate success: 401 (Unauthorized)".

I tried using my YouTube account, which worked fine so it was something to do with the YouTube accounts.

I managed to reproduce the error with an older YouTube account that required me to link it to a Google+ user.

After logging on and granting TandemVids access to this Google+ account, the uploads refused to start. I needed to clear the cached credentials and choose the old YouTube account or channel name even though the Google+ account was logged on. It didn't ask for a new password as it was already logged on. This allowed TandemVids to start uploading.

Once TandemVids is uploading, you can sign out of the Google+ account or sign in to a different one. It won't affect TandemVids.

It took me ages to figure this out so hopefully it helps ease some frustration. The screenshots are below.
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Hi Mick,

We recently closed one of our youtube accounts but can't get TandemVids to log on to youtube. Spent a bunch of time looking for the answer here in the forum and this thread is as close as I can find. TandemVids won't log in even when following these instructions. I have no problem logging into this youtube account. Sure like to get this sorted ASAP. I've included a screen shot.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 10.47.54 AM.png


Mick Hardy
Hi Tony,

Your problem is a little different to the one described in this thread. In your case, TandemVids is logging on correctly but doesn't have permission to manage and upload videos.

I'm not sure what would cause this unless you clicked cancel when prompted for permission to manage your account. Is this a brand new Google account or an existing one?

Have you tried checking the permissions for TandemVids inside your Google account? It's a pain to find but it's under account settings | security and sign in | connected apps & sites | manage apps.

Does it prompt you to grant manage permissions when you sign on?

Do you step through all the screenshots as per this thread?

Have you tried logging out of all Google accounts and starting over?

Thanks Mick,

Got it sorted, It didn't prompted me but if would have noticed the drop down arrow for category in the advance tab of the new youtube, it would have saved me a lot of time. Good news is we're back in business. And thankful for TandemVids. Fo Sho