i have a problem that when i import a new template i only get one event, (meet and greet) i dont get the other events, what do i do whrong?
i have some files missing, "source file 00, source file 01 etc" i know that is the movieclip i'm suppose to import, but it allways looking for thouse files.

what do i do whrong
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Mick Hardy
I'm afraid that will never work. You've added dynamic files which are replaced for every customer to your template. It looks like you've copied a completed customer project to a new location and tried to import the template from the new location. Vegas can't find the files you have referenced within your template. The message is from Vegas, not from TandemVids.

You need to create a Sony Vegas template with empty events as per the tutorial in the help file. Then load that template into TandemVids.

I've attached a 12 shot template to this post. Start with that and modify it accordingly. It requires Sony Vegas V12.

1. Meet and greet
2. At the plane
3. Take off
4. Scenery
5. Scenery
6. Half way
7. Scenery
8. Ready to go
9. Freefall
10. Under canopy
11. Landing
12. Final interview

TandemVids isn't easy to configure but once up and running you won't look back.

I offer remote support for $50AUD per hour if you really get stuck but I can't configure a new installation from scratch.

Cheers. Mick.
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Mick Hardy
Actually, it looks like you've tried to import the template from the working folder. When TandemVids processes a customer, it copies the selected template to the working folder and populates the empty events with the source media. The source media is cleared after each customer is processed so it's missing when you try to import it. You can't import the template from the working folder. It's a dynamic file that changes for every customer.

I noticed you're using Vegas 10 so the template I supplied won't work but it looks like you already have a semi completed template. Import it from the original location, not the working folder. If you can't find the original template, replace the offline events with empty events.