A dedicated "Sample" option to output Specs ( sample videos )

Currently we're having to use the USB Tab.. we save the spec out to an external folder & then have VLC media player play the sample.

BUT.. now we're changing to USB sticks so no longer will the USB tab be used for Specs.

The ability to simply click "Sample" instead of USB or DvD... & it would render out a sample vid of two clips. taking 20-30sec. from each clip with backing music.

note: this might be fairly easy ... simply duplicate the USB tab as it performs the same action but is simply being output to another drive.

Mick Hardy
Certainly a good idea. Spec videos are on the road map  but I haven't completely worked out how to implement them. I similar concept is allowing a different shorter video for YouTube.

A second USB tab would require a database change and I can't roll database changes until the next version is released.