Hi Mick,

We are about to start selling USB sticks. BUT DvD Architect is desigined for DvD only... so is there any way we can get our promo video to play before the customer's video ??

I'm thinking perhaps all we can do is simply copy the intro into thew Vegas Template.. yes ? or physically pull it into Swoopware media area as an actual video shot.

Banksy @ SDTB
Mick Hardy
Hi Banksy,

To include it as a separate file they can play if they wish, add it to the extras folder on the USB tab.

To include it as part of their video, you can drag and drop it into the advert tab or embed it into the Vegas template.

The advert option would be simpler, easier to manage change down the track and won't mess with the music in your template. Ensure the dimensions match the project so make it Full HD or 1920x1080 for you guys.

Mick Hardy attached the following image(s):
Ok, I've simply used the " advert " & loaded the intro into there... works fine.

Now I'm just going through the best format to use for USB. I'll create a few Vegas Templates.