Hi Mick,

Currently if a dubber clicks YES at the end of the rendering process accidentally the entire DvD Architect time line envelopes will be set to the last job.

Is it possible to disable this option all together & simply close DvD Architect after the burn is complete... its sort of strange it changes the timeline even when the properties of the template are set to read only. (write protected)

note: We've also encountered issues where a corrupt file on a chip will set the template DVD envelope in /out points to the previous customer's footage..

Mick Hardy
Hi Banksy,

Not sure why I wasn't notified about this post. Apologies for the delay.

The DVD Architect template is only modified if you forget to set deny write permissions. It can't be modified if you set the permissions correctly as described in the help file and mentioned in the FAQ's.

Unfortunately I can't close DVD Architect because the object model isn't exposed, which means I can't control DVDA through code like I do with Vegas. I've been asking Sony to allow this for five years now. My only control over DVDA is sending it key strokes. Once I kick off the burn, TandemVids doesn't have anything to do with DVDA.

I guess I could potentially periodically check for the DVDA window that offers to burn another copy and send a few more key strokes to close it down. I'll add it to the feature request list and look into it when I start moving through the list. this would have to be multi threaded and the risk of sending key strokes to the wrong application is high. It won't be any easy change.

Thanks for the reply Mick,

Since this post I've managed to create black boxes on all templates & change all read/write file attributes so users can't change the template.
Since we have many instances running on several machines it took some time to get things back under control. So far all is operating reasonably well.

We encountered a few burns freezing up at " 66% lead-in. I found to get around this I simply re-loaded the template from the original & so far so good.