So I had a computer given to me to figure out why the YouTube uploads were failing in Tandem Vids.

Someone else already uploads successfully using a different computer on an old youtube account before the days of Google+ etc with no problems.

I finally figured out that the account was not set up for uploading yet so I fixed that.

Then I attempted to set up the application specific password in Youtube settings and if I intentionally enter an incorrect password into TV, it fails as expected.

When I use either the main account password or the app-specific password, it gets past the invalid credentials but throws a 403 Forbidden error or a 401 Unauthorized.

As well, if I try to use the account by the users full name with a space, I receive 400 Bad Request

Any ideas?

Edit: I've also tried creating a new channel name without a space, and still get stopped by a 403.
Mick Hardy
This is usually caused by not having an account name. The new world of Google no longer has an easy way of creating an account name. You need all three to upload; email, password and account name. You can still add an account name but it's buried deep in the YouTube management console.

I'll create a new YouTube account and take some screenshots for you later this afternoon.

Not sure about the space in the account name. I would be surprised if they let you. The email can't have spaces but I'm unsure about the account name. You can try changing the space to %20, which is HTML for space but I'm pretty sure I do that already so I don't think it will help.

The reason different errors are generated is because the code verifies your credentials using email and password successfully but then checks your uploaded videos using your account name, which translates to a folder on the YouTube servers. The account name is not the same as the name associated with the Google account.

This new way of youtube doing things is infuriating. 🤬

I've completely started a new account over from scratch and tried to figure this out but to no avail.

If I find anything out I will post here, otherwise I will watch for any insight.

Thanks! Great software btw, it's YT that is making me lose my mind lol

Included a screencap from my original account that I thought I had set up...not sure if that aids in any way in what I am doing wrong.
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Mick Hardy
YouTube have changed the way they do things. I couldn't create a username for a new YouTube account like I used to be able to.

I'll have to look into this further when I get back from overseas.
Mick Hardy
Google have permanently changed this. There are no workarounds that I could uncover.

Older YouTube accounts still work as expected. New YouTube accounts are linked to the Google+ account and do NOT support the original and now deprecated authorisation techniques used by TandemVids. I need to change the code for TandemVids to use the new authorisation protocols.

This is not a trivial task and will require a significant amount of development and testing. Please accept my apologies.

Mick Hardy
Some good news! I've successfully written a test application to upload videos to YouTube using all the new Google+ authorisation code. It will take time to integrate it into TandemVids but I'm working on it.

If you're wondering why it's taking so long, nothing is ever easy. I'm stuck with Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 because this is what Sony Vegas Professional uses and TandemVids effectively runs inside Vegas. This is a problem because the new Google V3 API's allowing OAuth2 authorisation and uploads require Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0. I can't mix and match components so the only way around this is to build a completely separate application purely for video uploads. This new application needs to communicate with TandemVids and access the same backend database to determine which videos should be uploaded. The new application can't talk to Sony Vegas so TandemVids still needs to render the video but then needs to hand over to the new application for video uploads.

Apologies for the delay with this but it is progressing. The new version is currently on hold until this issue is resolved.
Wow. I'm a developer too and that really sucks. That's awesome to hear the news though!

Thanks for your hard work, I certainly can appreciate what a set back this issue was for you.
Anything new / Any update yet to this? - 😕

Would be nice to have this functionality all automated/actually working for us out here again!!

Mick Hardy
It's nearly done. The code is pretty much complete and fully operational. Simultaneous uploads all independent of each other. Each one can be paused and resumed individually, even after a reboot or days later. You can drag and drop any video into the interface and have TandemVids upload them for you. You can modify the details on a per video or universal basis. It's a fair bit better than it used to be but isn't quite ready for release.

I still need to pretty up the interface and tidy up a couple of loose ends and then do a week or two of testing so I'm not going to promise anything right now but I'm pretty close.

The issue only affected new YouTube accounts. Most of my customers are still uploading without any issues.

I did run into some pretty complicated set backs and asked for help over at stackoverflow but never got an answer . I ended up modifying the code released by Google. It hasn't been an easy journey.

Mick Hardy
I've just got back into this after a two week break for an instructor course and discovered Google released a new version of the YouTube API on March 4th, which addresses the issues I was having last month.

If only I'd known they were working on the missing features, and I didn't need to fix their code after all.

I can't win sometimes.
Oh No!

That is soul crushing news. Well...not sure what to say except thank you for your effort!!
Mick Hardy
It's all good. I've merged the new API into TandemVids. It caused further issues but I've resolved all of them now.

The new TandemVids YouTube application is almost code complete.

Mick Hardy
This is code complete and, as far as I know, bug free. I'm moving into the testing and try-hard-to-break-it phase. Managing all the multi-threaded upload tasks was challenging but the end result is pretty cool.

Expect a release towards the end of next week. If I don't make next week's deadline due to unknown issues, the release will be after Easter because I'm competing at the Australian Nationals.

The Google API wasn't finished until the end of February but I wasn't aware of this and tried to rewrite what I thought was broken Google code, rather than unfinished beta code. This was a slow complicated process.

StackOverflow Issue # 1. 
StackOverflow Issue # 2. 

There is still a confirmed Google issue but apparently it's been resolved. I don't see the problem rectified during testing at this point in time so it may still stop my release.

Google Issue # 1  - at the end of this thread, they claim to have deployed a fix but that was weeks ago.

Once again, thanks for your patience and apologies for the delays.
Mick Hardy
Testing is proceeding well due to a current weather hold.

I had an initial set back that brought me to my knees. Everything simply stopped working and any new uploads reported obscure errors but no details were given on the failures. After many hours spanning several days, I finally worked out it was because I'd spelt "Public" with a capital "P". Google doesn't like this. A new feature allows you to select between private, and public for uploaded videos. To make it pretty in the drop down, I capitalised the options without testing. I promptly forgot about this seemingly minor change amongst all the other finishing touches.

Anyway, everything is back on track. If I don't release this at the end of next week, I can release a beta version if required.
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Mick Hardy
Testing is still proceeding. There are currently no known bugs but this version is not quite ready for general release. It hasn't been tested across all supported versions of Vegas, nor on all Windows platforms both 32 and 64 bit. A few customers are still using Windows XP and Vegas 8.0 so testing every configuration takes time.

Sony Vegas 13 has also been released in the last few days. I've already made the necessary code changes to support Vegas 13 during their beta program but this also adds additional tasks to the testing workflow.

The Skydiving Nationals here in Australia have finished but I won't be back in the office for a few weeks. If anyone needs a Beta release in the interim, I can make one available.

Mick Hardy
I've run out of time again and have a weekend of tandems. It's close but not quite ready for general release.

If you really want to give it a run, you can download it from the link below. Be ready to revert back to the old version and I wouldn't use it in production just yet. If you do try it out, you'll have to use add/remove programs to uninstall the beta before reverting to an older version. Your settings and templates will be maintained. The database hasn't changed so you can revert back to an older version at any stage. 

I know it's been a long time coming but if I was you, I'd wait.

Cheers. Mick.
Mick Hardy
I've changed the third beta to a release version. You can download it from the link below. It works on Windows XP SP3 through Windows 8.1. Install straight over the top. All your settings and customers will be maintained. It supports Vegas 8.0c through to Vegas 13.

There are no known bugs in this release. I'll update the release thread if I find new ones.

Cheers. Mick.