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I'am trying to make this work and I've have my template and everthing set up. But apparently It will not add any source audio... But I'am not really shure why it does that. Any ideas?

Furthermore I've have set the template to do the slowmotion on exit and deployment - but in the video it it's not...??

Mick Hardy
No source audio usually means the empty video and audio events are not grouped together. You need to select them and press G to group the two events. If they aren't grouped TandemVids doesn't know where to place the audio.

The slow motion on exit should work. Can you upload a screenshot of your exit tab? It should look something like this. In my example, the exit should play at half speed for six seconds (three seconds of real time footage).
Mick Hardy attached the following image(s):
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Hi Mick!

Thanks for a quick response :-)

In my frustration I desided to start over, and now it is working...
Weird enough I've made the template again, excatly the same as before - the only difference is the tracks which I've have placed in a another order... :-P

But is it all working now, and I've wil be buying a license very soon!

Thank you for that awesome product! :-D

Hi Mick,

Sorry to bother you again. I am installing Swoopware, the computer is running Windows 8 and Vegas Pro 12. I have downloaded the latest codec packages you recommended and that fixed the video issue, but I am now having an issue with the source audio. The audio and video tracks are grouped in Vegas and the music tracks work. The source audio plays when I preview the clip, but there is no source audio on the rendered video. I have looked through the help forums and haven't found a solution for this yet. Do you have any tips?

Thanks again,

I fixed it. I didn't realize the DVD Architect wasn't installed yet and that fixed it!! It's all working great! Thanks for all of the great info on these forums, I couldn't have configured all this without it!