Mick Hardy
We had an interesting issue on the weekend during a busy day of tandems and I thought I'd share how I resolved it.

I have had this problem reported a couple of times but I'd never seen it myself before the weekend and no-one had ever seen it on this computer even after a thousand plus videos.

Vegas froze while exporting photos and I had to CTRL + ALT + DELETE to kill TandemVids and Vegas. I restarted the customer's video and went back to packing. When I returned, the exact same thing had occurred and I noticed the exact same photo from the "meet and greet" event caused the freeze. I kicked off the video once more and watched the progress. Sure enough, everything ground to a halt at exactly the same photo. I'm unsure why Vegas was struggling with this particular frame but to resolve the issue and get the day moving again, I simply adjusted the default photo frequency for the "meet and greet" event from 2.00 to 2.10 and the video completed just fine. I reset the frequency back to 2.00 and the rest of the weekend flowed without a hiccup.

I forgot to grab the footage but, at some stage, I'll see if I can duplicate the issue with this particular customer on my development machine.

This was Vegas 9.0e and TandemVids V2011.0.0.0

Seconds between each photo.jpg