Hey Mick,
So i was doing some videos for a friend of mine with your program and most of the time worked sweet as!!! A problem i ran into was if he shot 2 less clips i would have to insert 2 fluff clips to replace the ones he didnt take, to fill up the template. So here is the issue, say if i wanted to insert the clip into empty event 7, i would have to change the name of the clip before importing everything into Swoopware. Would it be possible that so you could move around/rearrange the clips in Swoopware so when you insert a fluff clip you could move it around?
Mick Hardy
Sure, the arrows next to the source media move the clips up and down. You can multi-select clips using CTRL to move groups of clips up and down. There are shortcut keys for this but I can't remember what they are. Hover over the button and the tool-tip will display the shortcut. ALT+UP maybe?

I'm trying to work out a way of inserting empty clips but it got a bit tricky for the current release so I shelved it until after the website.

Another option for inserting extra clips is to clone or duplicate a clip and then right trim the first one and left trim the second one.

One really important thing you can't do is split or delete clips in the camera. This changes the sequential naming of the clips as per the FAQ.
Mick Hardy
Also, if you drag and drop clips into the source media area, rather than browse for files, it won't change the location of your source media pick up folder.

This means you can add clips from your hard drive or another card reader without changing the location where you automatically pick up your source media. Then you don't have to browse back to the Stream folder on your Sony card after adding a couple extra clips.
Ya ok.......IM a TOTAL retard! Thx Mick.....duhhhhh,,sorry for the bother mate:)