Hey Mick,
the template you make is what you must follow as far as how many clips to shoot. ie-if you have template for 15 empty events you must shoot 15 clips? If you happened to shoot 18 clips, would you need another template that was set for 18 empty events? or go in each time and change it to add or remove empty events, then save it? I think so right? Still trying to find time to work with it:) Love your work!
Mick Hardy
Yes, that's correct. You need to shoot the number of shots to match the template. It won't let you build the video unless the shots match the template events.

That's why we only have ten shot templates. It makes it a bit easier to remember the grabs - especially for new instructors.

I massaged a whole bunch of videos by an outside cameraman last weekend who used the Handcam template by mistake. I had to create an extra video to fit the eleven event outside video template. I cloned the last video of the tandem landing, right trimmed the original and left trimmed the clone. This effectively split the last shot to fit the eleven shot template.

Another way to add shots is to have some generic shots you drag and drop in to the source media. Shot order can be shuffled using the arrow buttons.

Removing shots is easier. You can just untick them.
Mick Hardy
You've made me think of another feature request. The ability to merge shots would be nice.

It will require a database change so it won't make this release but I've added it to the task list.
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