Seb Vib

Reinstalled a computer (Windows 7) and put TandemVids on by just copying the old TandemVids directory over and doing a reinstall of the application on top.
Everything else seems to be fine, except YouTube.
Getting a "Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError" Unauthorized [401]

I removed and reset the oauth2 cookie a few times, but nothing seems to be working.
Never seen this error before - the YouTube account seems to be normal (other installs authenticated on it seem to be working fine)

I'd welcome any help.

Thank you

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Seb Vib
If it helps, i did some more testing - with my own Google account (that has never been used for videos etc) - that errored out too.

Removing and resetting the oauth2 authorization on the original account now throws back 'quota exceeded' 'reset at midnight PST' etc.

Did a repair install on TandemVids - no difference.
Checked file permissions - all good - no old install settings or anything.
Mick Hardy
Copying the TandemVids directory is not the correct way to reinstall TandemVids.

I would recommend uninstalling TandemVids using Add/Remove Programs. Ensure the "C:\Program Files\Swoopware\TandemVids" folder has been completely removed and then installing it again. There are no settings stored in the installation folder. If any files have newer dates due to the copying, the installer won't replace them, which could cause mismatched versions of the YouTube api files.

Windows 7 has reached end of life and will no longer be supported.

This forum post  has the procedure for moving TandemVids to a new computer.

I can't shed any light on the 401 error but this forum post  may help.

I am aware of the quota exceeded issue. Google have transferred most of the TandemVids quota to the new RunRunVids application, which will be released shortly. The quota battle is the reason for the delayed release of RunRunVids. If you are seeing quota exceeded, so is everyone else currently using TandemVids to upload to YouTube. The only option is to wait and try again later. The quota is reset every 24 hours and is usually enough to handle the TandemVids traffic. As more people switch to RunRunVids, the TandemVids traffic will be reduced.


Seb Vib
Thank you - I do appreciate your detailed and informative responses.

Clean install executed - data from ProgramData copied over - all that works.
Still getting the YouTube error though unfortunately.
From what I can tell, the first video upload request results in the quota exceeded and then it goes to a 401 (until some internal timer expires and the cycle repeats - that's my guess on how Google is handling it)

Weirdly, it's the only computer to have the issue, but it's also the newest install of TandemVids - compared to the others that have had the install for a while.

PS: I understand what you mean by the quota bit now: i thought it was our YouTube account - but as you explained it, that makes a lot more sense. (The entire google API thing is confusing to me)

Hopefully, some quota gets available soon :)
Thank you for your quick responses as ever!
Mick Hardy
API is an acronym for application programming interface. It's how TandemVids communicates with the Google servers and uploads files to YouTube. Several different components make up the API and they all need to be at the same version. They were possibly mismatched resulting in strange errors but you've eliminated that by reinstalling.

I'm receiving the same quota exceeded message here. I don't see the 401 forbidden error after retrying.
Mick Hardy
It looks like someone has recently started saturating our upload quota. We'll need to investigate and see if they can be moved to RunRunVids.

We reached an agreement with Google to maintain part of our TandemVids quota while we switched people to RunRunVids but even this remaining quota will be terminated soon. It's taken six months and a lot of work to negotiate our current agreement with Google.

YouTube quota.png
Seb Vib
Thank you - I appreciate your looking into this
Seb Vib

Have you had any luck figuring this out yet?
We're still getting the error on our side (an older version of Swoopware works though?)

Here's the error with the 2018 x64 version:

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Mick Hardy
Sorry Seb, when I first viewed your reply, I figured I'd already answered the question and then neglected to follow up.

TandemVids no longer supports uploading to YouTube.

You need to use RunRunVids to continue uploading to YouTube.

This is a Google limitation. They've moved our daily upload quota to RunRunVids. Even this limited resolution involved over six months of negotiations and hard work.

Seb Vib
As ever, Mick, thank you for your knowledgeable response!

Appreciate everything you've done - dealing with Google cannot be easy...

Using RunRun Vids now and it works - I'll check on the other installs