Can anyone help me with a simple procedure to place a logo in say the bottom-right corner of our vids that can be grouped to only 1 single "event" selected (the freefall clip/event) only - that will remain visible during just this section of the end-product/rendered vid? It seems that no matter what I do... "group" the embed/overlay with the clip # associated to the event, change it's duration within the .veg - or even "loop" it - that Tandem Vids somehow seems to over-write, and only allows the graphic to appear for (the default) 5 seconds duration.

There has to be an "easy" way to accomplish this, and maybe I'm dense - but it just seems to continue to escape me! 😕


Mick Hardy
It's more complicated than it sounds and there isn't an easy way to accomplish it. It's a feature request to watermark both video and photos and is listed in the road map .

The problem is all the empty events are moved and compressed or expanded to accommodate the source media. The length of freefall is not known until the customer's video is created. If a logo is inserted by code, then we know how long it needs to be but not when you create the template.

The best you could do is insert a logo at the start of freefall and have it a fixed length such as one minute. You can't time it for the end of freefall but it would fade out at some point under canopy. Would this work for you?
Mick Hardy
I've just thought of a workaround that may be possible but I'll have to test it and won't get a chance until after the weekend.

Create three tracks, bottom track for everything up to and including freefall. Middle track for logo and top track for everything after freefall. Make the logo a fixed length long enough to guarantee reaching the end of freefall. Everything after freefall will be above the logo in the layer order and hide the logo even though it's actually still in the timeline.
I had already tried both methods, and neither for some reason, seemed to work. For some reason, even though I could manually change the "duration" to a fixed say 80 seconds when using your "advanced edit" interface - and could there successfully insert the desired fixed .png file; still - puzzlingly, the logo would disappear after only 5 seconds. - - - ??? If I tried a "loop from" method, then "grouped" it to the event matching the freefall media clip - (similar to how music clips too short will loop and "remain" throughout automatically) - thinking that would then keep it in place through the "event" - instead the logo "track" would then push rather, to the entire end of the rendered production (show up only at the "outro")! - Very strange. Your segmenting the tracks in layer order and dedicating it to its own track makes sense, and I will try that & let you know too. - Thanks!
Mick Hardy
I got this to work with a very simple template shown below. We have a busy weekend of tandems but I'll do some more work on it next week.

It gets complicated due to the algorithm TandemVids uses to move events. It's too hard to explain in a few sentences. Basically events that appear after an event populated by source media will be moved by the difference in length between the source media and the empty event. This means the next event to be populated may have been moved further back along the timeline than the end of the logo. If this happens, the logo will then be moved when the next event is populated.

As you can see, it isn't a simple process. I'll explain the algorithm a bit better when I've had a chance to look at the code.

I have no idea why your logos are being shortened. I don't change the length of events, I only move them left or right along the timeline.

The supplied example works fine. The logo fades in at the start of the freefall event and fades out at the start of the canopy event.

Mick Hardy attached the following image(s):
Mick Hardy
I've explained another option for creating a logo in this forum post .