Mick Hardy
I connected onto 14 of our Dubbing machines last night and update Swoopware to the last version plus Nvidia drivers. One of our machines will only open 1 instance, although it’s set to open 5. The only stand out difference in all the machines is this one has Vegas 16. The rest have 11,12,13 or 15 versions. Graphic Cards are the same between Dub55 or Dub50, Dub55 being the one that only opens 1 instance. Dub50 works fine.

I carry out a System Restore to the previous day before the updates and that didn’t fix the problem.

Any ideas?
Mick Hardy
I’ve reproduced the issue here. Thanks for letting me know. Updating Vegas 16 to build 424 has fixed it.

It only affects Vegas 16. It was due to a hidden Vegas update message. Closing TandemVids allows the next queued instance to fire up. Starting Vegas on its own also blocks the next instance of Vegas until the update message is cleared but the update message never appears with TandemVids.

Turning off the check for updates inside Vegas doesn’t fix the issue.

Vegas 16 build 361 had some bug fixes in relation to the update notifications. I guess they went a little overboard and updates appear to be forced now.

Cheers. Mick.