Mick Hardy
There are widespread compatibility issues with the GoPro 7 and flipped or upside down videos.

TandemVids does not currently support the GoPro 7. Fixed in TandemVids 2018.0.16.0

Vegas should correct the flipped videos but it doesn’t correct all videos. Some are upside down and some are fixed.

TandemVids will not correct them so they will be upside down when setting start and end of freefall or trimming.

Try setting landscape => lock up instead of auto in the GoPro Black. The silver does not have this option.
Mick Hardy
Set the option in TandemVids to preview in Vegas.

Then manually fix any flipped videos by right clicking the media file and selecting rotate 90° twice. Save and then continue in TandemVids.
Mick Hardy
Vegas 8 and 9 do not support the GoPro 7 flipped videos.

Provided you have Vegas 10 and above, it should automatically handle the GoPro 7 flipped videos.

This means it’s only TandemVids that will display the videos upside down when trimming or selecting the start and end of freefall. TandemVids will be fixed as soon as possible. Fixed in TandemVids 2018.0.16.0

If some videos are flipped and others are not, it’s probably the GoPro 7 causing the issues. Set the GoPro 7 Black to landscape => lock up to rectify this issue. The Silver does not have this option.
Mick Hardy
If the thumbnail of a GoPro 7 video is inverted in TandemVids, it should be handled correctly by Vegas 10+.

If the video is inverted in Vegas 10+ and in TandemVids, then the rotation flag is not set and the GoPro 7 settings are not handling the inverted footage correctly.
Mick Hardy
This has been fixed in TandemVids 2018.0.16.0

Download from the latest version download page .
Stefan V.
Thank you for the new features in Version 2018.0.16.0

Playing, trimming, freefall times, and velocity envelopes are displayed correctly now.
But, now the Thumbnails in the Process-Tab are upside down.

  2018_0_15_0.png (973kb) downloaded 65 time(s).
  2018_0_16_0.png (1,223kb) downloaded 54 time(s).

What dit i wrong?

best regards

Mick Hardy
That doesn't look right Stefan. The thumbnail should be flipped too. It must be a bug. I'll have to look into it.

Apologies for the delay. I didn't receive a notification from your reply, which must be a website bug.

Mick Hardy