Mick Hardy
If you're moving to a new computer and upgrading an older version of TandemVids to 2018 at the same time, the steps are a little different to the previous forum posts on this topic.

To duplicate your copy of TandemVids,

  1. Copy the contents of "C:\ProgramData\Swoopware" from the old computer to the new one. This will include the database, templates and music. You may need to turn on hidden items to see this folder.
  2. Using "regedit.exe", export the registry key from "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Swoopware". Import the registry settings into the new computer by double clicking the exported file.
  3. Copy your Local Projects folder to the new computer to ensure you have access to your customer's videos.
  4. Install TandemVids 2018 and ensure everything is working. This needs to be the last step because the installation moves some of the registry keys and folders.

You'll need to ensure your DVD Architect templates are available in the same place on the new computer and they'll need to be write protected again.

Cheers. Mick.

See this forum post  if you're having trouble with step 2 and regedit.