Mick Hardy
This is a quick guide for getting started. The tutorials are quite thorough and fairly easy to follow.

Download and install Magix Vegas 16 build 248 or higher and DVD Architect. You can install the trial editions. The edit version without DVD Architect is fine if you do not need to deliver DVD or blu-ray.

Download TandemVids from here.

Follow the TandemVids help tutorials and build the default templates, one for Vegas and one for DVD Architect. This is available from the website or from within the software by pressing F1.
Help | Sony Vegas | Building Templates

If you only plan to offer USB and not DVD, you can skip the DVD Architect tutorials.
Help | DVD Architect | DVD Architect Overview (this is the trickiest section and requires attention to detail.

The online help no longer works properly in the latest version of Internet Explorer. You need to use Firefox or Chrome.

The tutorials were built in an earlier version of Vegas but they're pretty much the same.

I recommend 12 event templates for handcam. I've attached a sample template for Vegas 13 using this outline. You can download it and load it directly into TandemVids for testing purposes.

1. Meet and greet
2. At the plane
3. Take off
4. Scenery
5. Scenery
6. Half way
7. Scenery
8. Ready to go
9. Freefall
10. Under canopy
11. Landing
12. Final interview

Once the default templates are created, load them into TandemVids, adjust the event settings as per the tutorials, add music tracks, add source media to fill the templates, run the templates through TandemVids using the Test mode and check the completed projects are as expected. If it all looks good, run some complete renders using the USB option so you can play the end video. If that pans out, burn a DVD and check the results.

Don't try and customise the templates at this stage. Just get them working. You should be able to get to this level by the end of the first or second day. This is the first milestone. Have a beer and a break!

At this stage, you'll fully understand the software, its features, the configuration and limitations. Spend the next few days customising your templates and testing. After everything is working smoothly, lock the TandemVids interface by hiding the configuration tabs and start jumping.

These are some older video tutorials I created. I've been meaning to replace them. I don't have them publicly exposed but a few people still find them useful. The software has evolved since these were made.

I hope all that helps. Feel free to ask further questions by email, phone or preferably through the forum. I also offer remote assistance but I charge for this service. You can purchase support from our store either by the hour or as initial configuration per computer. With the latter option, this will guarantee a fully operational configuration ready to use and you can skip the template hard yakka and start jumping.

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