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So this just happened...

im using tandemvids 2016.0.1.0 and vegas 13.

using 3 templates. Handcam with 9 events, outside video with 8 events, and deluxe with 11 events...

all of the sudden swoopware only show me 7 events for all my templates. But in event manager all the events are shown, and in the templates... tried rebooting, restarting tandemvids... no luck.... 😲

What to do ?

on newly installed windows 10 acer x3-710
Mick Hardy
Do you mean in the source media area?

Do you only have seven source media files loaded?
Mick Hardy
I see from the title, you do mean the source media area. This area will only show events for which a source media file is loaded and ready to populate the event.

If you only have seven source media files loaded, you will only see seven events, one for each source media file. If you untick one of the source media files, it will only show six events.

If you have no source media files loaded, the box will be empty regardless of the events defined within the template.

Hope this helps. Mick.