Hello so I've mentioned a problem with this before, we would first get emails being sent flawlessly, then one evening the emails started being sent to our company email despite the fact we would put our customer's email in the spot to be sent to them. Now our emails are not coming up anywhere, and every time a Youtube video goes up a window browser (We have ours for Chrome) will pop up but give me nothing to work with for the emails. I'm not sure how I can get the emails to be sending to the customers after the video is up like it originally was, but with hope someone here can help me!


Alyssa of SkydiveNF
Deleted. Posted as a customer I was resetting a password for.
Mick Hardy
What happens when you click the Email button on the Search tab for an existing customer?

My guess is you've got your default email client in Windows set to the Chrome browser although your description is a little vague.

This needs to be set to an application that handles emails such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail (free) or Thunderbird (free).

In the Windows search box, type default programs and change your default email client.
Mick Hardy attached the following image(s):
When I click the email button under a customer it pulls up a chrome page but it's just the home page with the Google search bar and all the previously visited pages listed. Or it won't do anything. We have Windows 10 and when I looked for Outlook 2016 the only app that came up for it was some "Professional Teachers" app, or a Window's Mail app that came with the windows upgrade. So if I were to set that as the default app for email will it start automatically sending emails again?
The answer to the question above it yes!! However, I was told before I started working here that the videos were supposed to send to the customers automatically, (I can send them manually when the videos are up, which is great but it's a little more taxing to do while I'm on the job) so is there a way I can set up an automatic email for both the no sales and the youtube videos?
Mick Hardy
Emails are generated automatically but you need to click send for each email.
Hi Mick,
I'm using Thunderbird as the email client. Set to default in Windows 10.

Recently, the youtube uploader will now only generate the first, of a number of notification emails.
Previously, It would open one write message window for each email to be sent.
I would then just click send, on each draft email that had been produced.

I am working around this by now going to que, and clicking email, for each customer, after the videos have been uploaded, but is less convenient.

Have you come across this before, and which email client do you recommend?
Will any of them also 'Send' automatically yet ?


Mick Hardy
I can confirm this is an issue with the current version of TandemVids. Only the first email in the upload queue is generated.

A different workaround is to restart TandemVids to refresh the customer's YouTube status. You can then multi select the customers from the search tab and click the Email button.

There is currently no client that will send the emails automatically. A long overdue feature request is to switch to an SMTP server to give more control over generated emails including HTML formatting and automatic sending. This has not been implemented at this stage.

Cheers. Mick.
Mick Hardy
The issue of only the first email being generated has been fixed in TandemVids 2018.0.12.0.