This maybe a tough one mick.

I'm having what seems to be a "Random" issue with Vegas not rendering the complete video. Most of the time this issue arises, it's stopping midway through the second last or last clips and misses out on the fade to our logo.

At first I though our tandem master was making his video's to long, so I re-did the "blank DVD rendered video" from an 10 min video to a 20 min. This was no help and when I looked back through the tandem master videos I discovered that he was averaging about 7 min per video.

When Looking into his video a little more I found that he was making quite long clips under canopy, compared to everyone else.
(Could the length of a clip cause this problem? I'm on the understanding that Vegas/TandemVids would adjust the length of the empty event to suit!)
So I've had him making his clips shorter and we thought all was well, but this problem has come up a couple more time this weekend.

When I enable test mode, and Vegas opens, the whole video is there in the time line, including the the fade out to logo. From here I can manually render it and it works fine.

Thanks Throbba...
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Mick Hardy
Hi Throbba,

I'm at the Nationals team training but I'll try and sort it out. My guess is that you've saved the DVD Architect template with a shorter customer.

Recreate the 10 minute black video, open the DVDA template, slide the yellow triangle all the way to the end of the timeline and save. Then write protect the template.

Never save the DVDA template after burning.

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Thanks Mick

Good luck at the Nationals