We have been having some intermitent problems and now total failure when trying to run projects. I was thinking about doing a reinstall but was worried I would loose all configurations. Does a reinstall wipe out all configurations?

Please see the attached screen shot and event logs.


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Sorry it's working again but it is intermitent.
Mick Hardy
Hi Alex,

Apologies for the delay. I've had my own computer dramas.

I don't think the errors you've attached have anything to do with clearing the work area. They're from the procedure that inserts music into the video. This is a Vegas error complaining about specific music files. A common problem for this, is using M4A files from Apple iTunes, which come with digital rights management. Try using MP3 music files.

Clearing the work area will fail if any of the files are open or locked. If you've opened any of the customer's photos directly from the work area, it will fail.

These folders are emptied when you start processing a customer:

Note this folder can be changed on the Photos tab. If you've set that incorrectly to a folder that shouldn't be cleared, you'll run into trouble.
"V:\Swoopware\TandemVids\Instance 01\Photos"

The video files from your camera are copied into this folder so it's emptied during the clear work area function.
"V:\Swoopware\TandemVids\Instance 01\Source Media"

The rendered video files from this folder are also deleted, so if you're watching them at the time, it will fail.
"V:\Swoopware\TandemVids\Instance 01"

In Vegas, turn off load previous project in preferences. It may be Vegas itself locking the previous customer's template even though I do force a close during the clear work area function.

Thanks Mick, I will be at the DZ this weekend and will take a look. Blue Skies brother.
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