We're having trouble burning to USB sticks direct from TandemVids.

It originally worked fine, but in the last few weeks we get a crash after render, as soon as it goes to burn the file to USB.

Attached error log:

skydivebribie attached the following image(s):
Mick Hardy
Your version of TandemVids is quite old. Try installing the latest version and see if it helps. USB delivery has changed. 
Mick Hardy
I've reproduced this error even with the latest version. The file copy routine fails if there are zero files to copy. There isn't much difference between your version and the latest version within the function throwing the error.

Check the extras folder on the USB tab and make sure it isn't pointing to an empty folder.

I'll fix this issue in the next release.
Mick Hardy
This issue has been fixed in the latest version.