Hey Mick,

Tried to figure this out myself but to no avail. Also had a quick search though the forums but haven't found any solutions - but I may have missed something.

Among all our 4 dubbing computers we have begun receiving the following error in our YouTube Uploader: Not Started.
It will allow us to Resume the upload (and sometimes uploads the videos a further 2-10%) but then stops again OR comes up with: "An Error Occured..."

Please see the attached photos. Perhaps this is being caused from the YouTube rendering template being different from our USB one? But I do not see how this could affect it.

I have checked the following:
- All computers are Linked and Authorised to the account (and Passwords have not changed)
- All unfinished uploads appear in our Linked YouTube account as "Preparing Upload"
- Customer footage is still archived on each computer

Thanks in advance,

STBWollongong attached the following image(s):
Mick Hardy
Hi Coehn,

This is a known issue with the latest version. 

The issue is caused by a time out and has been reported around the world by several users of TandemVids and by developers of other applications. The problem appears to be caused by the Google servers rather than the speed of the local Internet connection.

I've rectified the issue in the latest version but haven't released it yet.

The office revamp commenced over the Christmas break is complete. Today I assemble the new development computers so I should be back on track this week. Expect a release to address this issue fairly soon.

Cheers. Mick.
Mick Hardy